Freelance Resource Management for


Unlock and share your existing roster of freelance and contractor talent.

With your favourite freelancers a few clicks away, you'll be able to scale your workforce on demand at a moments notice.

Unlock the potential of your freelance roster.

— J. Windsor, Founder of Open Assembly, Executive-In-Residence at Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard

NASA found that open talent systems produced work as good or better quality 4-5x faster and 8-10x cheaper.

Avails creates an easy way for freelancers to track and manage their relationships with all their clients, to create a consistent and simple tool to make life easier on both sides of the relationship.

A CRM for Freelancers

Avails is a B2B SaaS subscription freelance management platform for Creative Agencies to unlock the potential of their existing freelance roster and share it within their internal company network.

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