Why avails?

by JC Pinheiro in

I love freelancing, but freelance booking is hard.

I approached freelancing from a perspective of client service, my client is the agency that hired me. I’m there to be a pain killer, not a vitamin. I’m not concerned about doing award winning work (unless that’s what the client wants), and I’m not jockeying for the next career advancement or raise. The biggest compliment I can receive is having my contract extended, or being called back.

From this perspective of client service, I noticed over and over again how hard it was for companies to engage me and other freelancers. When companies hire freelancers, it’s because they’re in desperate need of resources that they don’t have. Seeking out freelance support is often avoided because it’s a lot of work, or seen as costly.

After years of experiencing the challenges associated with booking Freelancers first hand, I decided to build avails to make it easier for companies to engage their favourite freelancers. To create the possibility of a workforce where hiring a freelancer is as easy as resourcing someone already on their internal team - just a few clicks.

Avails is founded out of empathy and hope for a freelance future. We’re starting the journey at the same place where companies start theirs once they decide they need help, ‘Who do we know, and are they available’. 



Continued -> "Why Pt II"

JC is the founder of avails. He freelanced in Toronto CAN and London UK, for companies like McCann WW, Syneos, Havas, Byte, Traffik, TAXI, Forsman & Bodensfors, Getty, and Performance Arts.

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